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Lauritz Knudsen NES, 3D render
Lauritz Knudsen NES, 3D render © BechBox
Published on 6th May, 2020 by Mikkel Bech

I don’t know if this is a healthy obsession, but I have a thing with light switches! There – I said it. They are just one of those little things, that make a CGI scene feel much more realistic

The NES Plan switch was designed by Henning Andreasen in 1975 while he was the Chief Design Officer at Lauritz Knudsen in Denmark. I don’t know if these switches was ever used outside of Denmark, but as a child of the 70’s I grew up with them. The NES switch was litterally installed in all Danish houses in a couple of decades and they have become an important part of Danish architecture

Lauritz Knudsen NES, 3D render © BechBox

Henning Andreasen was honored with the Design Award by The Danish Design Council in 1981 – an award also given to Hans J. Wegner, Vernor Panton, Jacob Jensen and other Danish design icons

I modelled the switches in Cinema 4D and rendered with Octane. The bump map was made by scanning actual switches from my own house

The seven colors here at the original colors I was able to find – very authentic 70’s color scheme

Lauritz Knudsen NES, 3D render © BechBox
Lauritz Knudsen NES, 3D render © BechBox

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