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Where humans meet technology

I have a long standing fascination with the interface between human and technology and this website is finally becoming a melting pot of all the personal explorations I do within visual arts, music, code, design and everything in between. My Master Degree is in Computer Science, but I've been photographing, designing and playing music my entire life. Welcome to my little corner of the Internet

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The eyes are the windows of the soul someone once said. There's something to it and maybe that's why it is such a challenge to make great portraits.

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Simone Borg © BechBox
Visualization © BechBox

3D visualization

CGI, world building, photoreal renderings, abstract explorations - you'll find it all here in The Metaverse

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Djursland Gravel Adventure © BechBox


Photos and stories from everything bicycling - trips, adventures, events and day to day commuting

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